Founded in the Post-pandemic era, the WE SPACE gallery is dedicated in providing platforms for expression and experiment for a new generation of young artists, an art institutions and exhibition space, holding themed art exhibition and displaying modern art.  WE SPACE aims to cultivate creativity of young artists at home and abroad. The gallery and artists offer a peculiar insight on the local culture through a perspective of future,providing a brand new version of issues of common concern. What WE SPACE aspires to do is to continuously excavate talented young artists and work for joint growth.

JUN,founder of WE SPACE,holds that people seem to have the ability to know everything in the Big Data Era via internet. Nowadays, although popular virtual technologies like 3D and VR have paved the way for restoring the truthful life, the sense of experience is private,and what they offer are still illusions, which can’t restore the unidirectional of time or the smell, emotion and the flow of air happen in the real situation.Reappearance is way less real than actually being in the immersive scene.

Ever since the foundation of WE SPACE, it has been dedicated in  planning exhibits of the new generation of young artists. The concepts WE SPACE represents have been perfectly reflected on the young artists with a strong sense of self-consciousness and will to participate in social affairs. In the meantime, the concepts, being the foundation of new ideas and innovation of art, also gain much attention  an draw many youngsters to come and visit, especially arouse the attention of Gen Z to the existing culture, society and politics. In WE SPACE we can explore latest trends of art, architecture, design and other related  fields, because WE SPACE is our joint space.