Yi-Shuan Lee

Yi-Shuan Lee is a Canadian Chinese artist who received a Bachelor of Arts degree form OCAD University in 2017.

His works include painting,sculpture and film.As the firs tgeneration of immigrants living in North America, Li’s works are characterized by his life story andsurrealistic narration. His works reveal the life of young people in Taiwan today, and also reveal the storiesof many people striving to surpass the expectations of the previous generation.The core of recent works is the expression of human consumption behavior in the 21st century, a ndmetaphor is in the works. He wanted to present many serious social problems in a humorous way,usingbright, full and calm colors. He is good at using strange, absurd and interesting forms to record the life hesaw. The ordinary life tempered Yi-Shuan Lee artistic aesthetics.The style of surreal socialism in Yi-Shuan Lee works is influenced by Gustave Courbet, a French realist,and Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera, two artists he appreciates very much, so as to bring more rich features to his works.

09/30/2021 -