Japanese artist Kanashiro was born in 1990. His family in Okinawa. The artist grew up in Tokyo.

KINJO loves skateboarding, and based on street graffiti elements, combined with abstraction, impressionism, light and shadow and other elements, he has created different series of works, such as “Eyes Glittering in the Dark”, “Colorful Snake”, “Oat Bun” and so on. Fuzzy outlines and childish lines reveal the artist’s avant-garde creative style. The artist is good at observing society. He has noticed that in his daily life, he sees corporate advertisements and product images flooded with various media far more often than visiting art exhibitions. Based on the creation of the rare Western product “Cereal” in childhood memories, the “Cereal Pack” series was developed. Jin Cheng attempts to re-examine the relationship between printmaking, painting, design and modern social art.

06/19/2021 -